Why The Great Outdoors Have

Why The Great Outdoors Have Never Looked Better

Whilst COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented change, the great outdoors have seen some surprising and uplifting responses. As Australia began to find its feet after a prolonged battle with wildfires, the pandemic proved an unforeseen and almost impossible challenge.

However, despite such setbacks, Australia is now beginning to transition to a state of normalcy as restrictions ease and regulations are lifted. What’s more, individuals are returning to former lifestyles where life was a whole lot simpler and slower.

Going Back In Time

An article by the Daily Mail suggested, “The coronavirus pandemic could see Australians reverting to a simpler life with old fashioned entertainment and suburban living as priorities shift towards a family-orientated lifestyle.”

The article continues, “Even after coronavirus restrictions are lifted, with no eective treatment or vaccine available for COVID-19, life is unlikely to be the same with strict social distancing provisions still in place. This is likely to see Australians embrace a way of living with more in common with the 1970s than 2020, with drive-in cinemas, board game nights and more people choosing quieter lives in the suburbs rather than inner-city suburbs.”

Whilst the article was written several months prior, it proves accurate in its predictions. Indeed, our priorities have adjusted and consequently, an increased interest in the outdoors is a by-product of a change in mindset across the general populace. As Australian residents have spent prolonged periods of time at home with family and friends, individuals have realigned their values.

Nature Oers An Escape

Whilst it may seem a romanticised assessment, it’s clear that people now crave simpler lives without the hustle and bustle of materialistic pursuits. And, exploring the outdoors presents a form of ‘escape’ from our regular lives. Whether it’s venturing o the beaten path in a caravan or travelling along the Australian coast, the pandemic has encouraged us to focus on what’s important, accessible and aordable.

Another factor contributing to the attractiveness of exploring the outdoors is the distance it allows. Considering Australia’s size, there’s a wealth of land to explore in complete freedom without needing to worry about health-related issues.

In the wake of travel bans and social distancing regulations, many Australian’s have returned to overlooked forms of enjoyment and leisure such as bike riding, ocean swimming, camping and caravanning. The Guardian explains, “Bicycles are the new toilet paper’: bike sales boom as coronavirus lockdown residents crave exercise.”

What’s more, other traditions are also likely to make a comeback. As we’ve already seen, drive-through cinemas, board games and dinner parties have increased in popularity as individuals try to reckon with their newfound freedom and find alternate forms of entertainment.

The Verdict

As the economy attempts to revive itself, the government will be turning to sectors like tourism to help kick-start post-COVID business activities. Due to prevailing travel restrictions, anyone looking to venture on a holiday will need to make do with what’s locally available within their state.

Money that otherwise would have been spent on other countries will go to the Australian economy. The great outdoors and in particular, camping and caravanning have come to the rescue. Helping the adventurous among us and those searching for

new experiences, we now have viable solutions when it comes to spending quality time with loved ones and nature.

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