Top 8 Hidden Spots to Check Out On Your Next Caravan Trip

Top 8 Hidden Spots to Check Out On Your Next Caravan Trip

So, you’ve decided to go camping and caravanning but you’re not sure where to go? Well, you’re in exactly the right place.

In this article, we’ve carefully curated a list of places for you to check out which are as picturesque as they are hidden. These places are not as commonly visited as other popular spots meaning you’ll have a whole lot of peace and freedom to enjoy them for yourself. If you fancy a bit of privacy so you and your travel companions can enjoy nature to the fullest, then these places are for you!


Australia is blessed with rocks of dierent shapes and sizes but one that truly stands out from the rest is Mount Augustus. Mount Augustus tourist park is located at Cobra-Mount Augustus Road, East Lyons River WA 6705. The spot provides you with all that you need to enjoy spectacular views of one of the biggest rocks in the world. So, if you ever visit Western Australia, seeing Mount Augustus is an absolute must.


Located in Yuraygir National Park, New South Wales oers one of nature’s most stunning gifts; Red Cli. At Red Cli, you will find beautiful beaches enveloped by, as the name suggests, spectacularly rustic and raw clitops. This spot also attracts an abundance of wildlife including kangaroos and birds. What’s more, Red Cli provides the perfect amount of space to house your caravan and accommodate your appetite for adventure. Go check it out!


In line with the theme of secret camping spots, Cape Range National Park is hard to beat. It is a true paradise. And, luckily for you, it isn’t frequently visited by others. How you experience this paradise is all up to you. Whether you’re in the mood for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling or hiking, this national park has it all.


Some 105km south of Tennant Creek and 393km north of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia lies a true natural wonder. It is known locally as “Karlu Karlu”.

For others, it is known as Devils Marbles. As the name suggests, the way in which the rocks seem as though they’re about to fall on one another makes this place an awe in itself. So, if the precariously positioned rocks intrigue you, Devils Marbles beckons.


Why would beaches ever be abandoned? They’re too beautiful for that. On the other hand, there is a good side to it, you get to have a full beach all to yourself. You are sure to stumble upon epiphanies every minute. Cape Tribulation is located in Queensland. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.


This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located just a few miles outside of Sydney. The perfect weekend getaway, you’re sure to find a wealth of quiet and alluring natural

places to explore. Whether you’re looking to spend your days hiking or you’re interested in simply enjoying the views, The Blue Mountains has it all. Plus, campsites here are situated in the most picturesque locations and are sure to make great company.


For those who love the ‘green’, Mt Field National Park has got you covered. Situated in Tasmania, Mt Field National Park is home to tall and lush greenery and has rightfully earned itself the name, ‘Land of the Giants Campground’.

Another impressive attraction is the 45m-high Russell Falls. Campgrounds are scattered throughout the park with basic amenities readily available to meet your every need.


Johanna Beach Campground is a few hours outside of Melbourne. Not only are the views at Johanna Beach phenomenal but there’s also a wealth of activities to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to camp on the cli top or stay on the beach closer to the crashing waves, the choices are plentiful. With amenities lacking here, you will have to bring your own water and take away your trash when you leave; a small price to pay for paradise.

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