The Slow Travel Edition

The Slow Travel Edition

With the world enduring unprecedented change, the hectic pace of life which we once were used to has temporarily been put on hold. As Melbourne returns to lockdown and Australia increases restrictions on international arrivals, it’s clear that life in the slow lane is here to stay.

What’s more, with a slower pace of life, a newfound interest in all-things local has simultaneously emerged. From growing your own veggie patches to hosting Friday night drinks over a Zoom call, Aussies are celebrating the incredible joy, entertainment and fun that can be found within their own backyards, neighbourhoods and communities.

What’s more, we’re now looking to our immediate surroundings when it comes to travel as many of our pre-existing plans continue to be pushed back or cancelled. These changes have led to an incredible rise in the number of Aussies booking their next camping holiday which we think is wonderful!

When it comes to enjoying Australia’s alluring coastline and phenomenal natural wonders, many would say there’s no better way to do so than jumping in a caravan, hitting the road and embracing a world of freedom.

That’s why this month, we’re celebrating Slow Travel by bringing you the best recommendations to make the most out of shorter, local-based trips. So, let’s dive into our carefully curated list of tips. Enjoy!

1. Rethink the term ‘holiday’

Whilst the word holiday can easily be associated with foreign lands and far-away destinations, try rethinking what it means to be on vacation.

Rather than longing for overseas travel and reminiscing on what was, consider embracing the possibilities that are now at your doorstep and in doing so, you can

enjoy an equally wonderful holiday. By changing your mindset and resetting your expectations, you can take advantage of what’s in reach right now.

2. Get to know your local area

It’s only natural that when holiday periods come around, we look to places far and wide. From Europe to the other side of Australia, it’s possible that you’ve overlooked the possibility to explore your own local area.

So, why not get researching and find out some of the beautiful places to visit within your area? You may be surprised at what you find, not to mention, you’ll save a lot of time and money by keeping things local.

3. Familiarise yourself with Australia’s camp sites

Australia is fortunate enough to have a wealth of caravan parks / campsites on offer, nation-wide. Whether you’re looking to explore mountaintops with neighbouring waterfalls or you’re in need of a coastal camping escape, Australia has you covered. Try heading to ‘Find A Campsite’ or Pitchup to find your local campsites.

We hope our recommendations add a healthy dose of inspiration to your everyday. By implementing these simple ideas into your next holiday, you’ll be sure to relax, unwind and explore all that Australia has to offer in a safe and simple way. So, get on the road! You know you want to.

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