Coronavirus (COVID-19) update   Dear customers, Your well-being is of paramount importance to us. During the current the COVID-19 situation in New South Wales, we advise: Our dealership showrooms must be closed. You can still purchase vehicles online or over the phone. Workshops are currently closed. Our Staff members are still answering calls & emails, … Read more

4 Delicious Recipes to Cook on The Road

4 Delicious Recipes to Cook on The Road When it comes to camping, simple, fast and easy recipes are invaluable. Whether you’re on a seabound adventure exploring Australia’s vast coastline or you’re jumping from campground to campground, cooking is something that you should be able to savour without exerting too much time and energy to … Read more

Why Caravaning & Camping Could Kickstart Regional Economy in Australia

Why Camping Could Kickstart Regional Economy in Australia In recent months, we’ve seen a rise in all things local. Whether it’s growing fruit and veg in our backyards, rethinking the way we spend time indoors or passing our evenings on Zoom meet-ups, the pandemic has significantly slowed our pace of life. Consequently, global is out … Read more

Why The Great Outdoors Have

Why The Great Outdoors Have Never Looked Better Whilst COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented change, the great outdoors have seen some surprising and uplifting responses. As Australia began to find its feet after a prolonged battle with wildfires, the pandemic proved an unforeseen and almost impossible challenge. However, despite such setbacks, Australia is now beginning … Read more

The Slow Travel Edition

The Slow Travel Edition With the world enduring unprecedented change, the hectic pace of life which we once were used to has temporarily been put on hold. As Melbourne returns to lockdown and Australia increases restrictions on international arrivals, it’s clear that life in the slow lane is here to stay. What’s more, with a … Read more

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