4 Delicious Recipes to Cook on The Road

4 Delicious Recipes to Cook on The Road

When it comes to camping, simple, fast and easy recipes are invaluable. Whether you’re on a seabound adventure exploring Australia’s vast coastline or you’re jumping from campground to campground, cooking is something that you should be able to savour without exerting too much time and energy to do so.

And, with Australian’s spending more time on the road as we explore the outdoors and all that camping and caravan adventures have to oer us, it’s time we gave you the absolute best recipes to cook on the road that are as simple as they are delicious.

Think of this article as your go-to guide which you can keep saved or print out and refer back to when you’re in need of a simple, wholesome and mouth-watering recipe.

We’ve included the links to some of the best-rated recipes by culinary masters so simply read the descriptions we’ve included to see if they suit you, click on the links and you’re ready to go.

  1. Simple King Prawn, Garlic & Chilli Linguine
    This is one of our all-time favourites. Who doesn’t love king prawns? What’s more, Australia has some of the world’s best seafood so if you’re exploring the coast, you’re sure to find a legendary seafood store nearby. For this recipe, you simply need access to a portable cooktop and some running water (to cook the pasta) as well as a pot to cook your pasta in. If you only have one pan, don’t fret. You can cook the sauce first and put it aside. You can then cook your pasta and throw them together. If there’s a will, there’s a way!
  2. Ploughman’s Lunch
    This recipe has to be the easiest of them all. Plus, it’s open to personalisation so you can make it your own, depending on your preferences. The most important thing is that you have some great bread, cheese, chutney and a board to place everything on. Other than that, you simply can’t go wrong. Thanks us later!
  3. So-Simple Blueberry Overnight Oats
    There’s a good reason that overnight oats became a trend all on its own. These oats are easy to prepare, don’t require any cooking and they’re as delicious as they are nutritious. For this recipe, you simply need some jars or glasses that

you can place the overnight oats in. If you don’t have access to a fridge, don’t fret! Simply find a place that will keep them as cool as possible.

4. To-Die-For Greek Salad
Whilst some adventurers may have access to cooking facilities thanks to their

potable stoves or campgrounds, it’s not uncommon for campers to be without such things. And, that’s where this recipe comes in handy.

There’s a wealth of salads for you to explore but this is one of our all-time favourites and sure to satisfy your culinary needs.

What’s more, you simply need a cutting board and a serving bowl and you’re ready to rock. Have some peppers, cucumber, feta, tomatoes and olives ready to go and you’ll be enjoying this salad in no time.

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